TRAVEL: Our Last Days in Bali (Uluwatu, Bali 8/25-8/27/2016)

During the beginning of our trip, we didn’t make it down south to Uluwatu where I really wanted to check out a yoga studio. Luckily, Alvin and I had three full days to kill before our flight back to Manila and decided to stay there. We found a cute hostel called Bali Golden Elephant. A little reluctant at first due to bad reviews on, I booked anyways since it was cheap and my funds had dwindled. As usual, it was a little hard to for our taxi to find, but we found it hidden like a gem in southern Bali. I ended up loving my stay at this hostel. It was clean, the rooms were very new and nice, staff was very helpful, and we ended up making some great friends. 

We spent our last three days beach hopping. After we already experienced the soft, sandy beaches in El Nido, Philippines during the beginning of our trip, it made the beaches in Bali seem just okay. We visited four beaches and all were very rocky and full of tourists. The weather was beautiful though and I enjoyed getting to read, soak up all the sun I could, watching the surfers catch insane waves, and watching the sun set every night. 

Although I was unimpressed with the beaches, I am very happy to say that I was able to finally practice more yoga. I found Uluwatu Surf Villas online and saw pictures of their beautiful outdoor yoga studio. I thought I missed my chance to take a class there in the beginning of our trip, but I was lucky to spent my last two mornings on the island practicing yoga and enjoying what may be the most memorable classes I’ve taken. I picked a spot facing the ocean and let the energies of the ocean and the surrounding jungle guide me. 

I always know that “your vibe attracts your tribe”. It’s so great knowing that you can travel across the world and meet like-minded and spirited people. We spent our last two days with our new friends Gabriele and Elisabeth, who are from Quebec and have been traveling throughout the Philippines and Bali just like we did. Our last day together we spent on the beach again, sunburning and earthing. We went to the Uluwatu Temple which is always packed with tourists. We walked around the direction temple’s trail, looking down at the ocean and over the cliffs. It was funny watching them interact with the monkeys and get their glasses stolen (but also sad when they realized all hope was lost in getting them back). We continued to the furthest east side of the trail and saw that there weren’t any people there. At the end was a beautiful reward waiting for us, possibly one of the best views I’ve ever seen. Over the cliff, water formations and waves crashing created colors of teal, white, and different shades of blue. I haven’t seen anything like it before. We watched the sunset and noticed how the water was shining red, orange, yellow, blue, pink, and almost every color imaginable. 

The last few days, Alvin and I were eating on a budget, eating sandwiches and boiled eggs instead of going out to eat. We found a small warung one of the nights and ate yummy home-style cooking with curry and veggies. Surprisingly, I wasn’t sick of having curry six times in a row, and I knew I had to have one last curry meal before leaving. We ate at Curry in Bali, which had the most delicious Indian curry I’ve ever had. The owner George, was a very talkative and personable Indian man who was very passionate about his culinary escapades. I ordered chai masala and the beef curry, which came with Indian style bread. I left the restaurant excited to actually travel to India one day to try all the curry! 

As sad as I was to leave the island, I couldn’t help but be extremely happy. Elisabeth told us we weren’t leaving, but we were just going somewhere else. We said goodbye to our new friends, and to the island that has been our home these three short weeks. I already miss the smell of incense, the roosters everywhere, the clanging of Balinese instruments, the mie and nasi goreng (fried noodles and rice), the lush rice terraces, and most importantly the people. If I could take a little bit of passion that they have for their culture, and apply it to my every day life I think days would be much more meaningful. Sure, I bought lots of great souvenirs, but what I’m taking back home with me from this trip is so much more than material. 

Suksma, Bali! Saya rindu kamu, until next time! 


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