TRAVEL: One Less Travel Companion and Some Really Good Curry (8/24/2016)

As we wind down this trip, it’s finally starting to hit us that soon we’ll be traveling back home. About five days ago, I recall Josh and I saying how crazy it is that he was already going to be going back home. Lucky for us, we live very close to each other, but there’s no denying the attachment that has grown between us these past five and a half weeks since we’ve spend every moment together doing everything.

This past week I have also gotten very lazy. Too lazy to blog, and too tired to stay awake and try. I’ve attempted to document the highlights of what we’ve been doing, but I haven’t been writing down the minuscule details I usually love capturing.

In the span of a week, we travelled from Tedjakula to Amed Beach, and from Amed Beach to Ubud, and then to Jimbaran. Tedjakula (Les Village to be more specific) was a very calm, sleepy town with very little tourists or things to see. It’s a nice little getaway for those who wish to relax and be away from the cacophony in the bigger cities. We saw a beautiful waterfall that we spontaneously found, and then visited a nearby art house called Art Zoo. The man who owned the Art Zoo was quite a character. He had his assistant show us around his huge studio that was full of Balinese-inspired pop art everywhere you looked.

The day after, we took a strenuous (well, to me) hike up Mt. Batur. Alvin was sick and we missed sunrise because of the fog, but looking back it was a great experience. I peed in a bush on the trek back down, then ran downhill with Josh, and told him he was the best person I knew. We also met Lily in Tedjakula – I now call her my new Chinese mama. She teaches English and travels all over the world. I told her that I really was inspired by her and that it’s my dream to travel. Her response was simply, “Oh, you will. Don’t worry.” She ended up hitching a ride with us to Amed Beach and spending the next two days with us.

Amed Beach is famously known for snorkeling and scuba diving, but we didn’t do any of that. We visited a water palace and a temple that takes 1,700+ steps up to get to. Josh and I spent our two-monthaversary there and that’s when I began my search for the perfect curry. Since then I’ve had curry four days in a row for dinner. The next morning we said goodbye to Lily, hoping that we’d get to see her again.

We then took a transport back to Ubud, where we spent our first week here in Bali. Coming back here wasn’t our original plan, but we still had classes left over on our YogaBarn cards that we needed to use. Josh and I didn’t make it for the first Vinyasa class we wanted to take because we were busy window shopping, and we weren’t really feeling any of the classes for the rest of the day either. That day I also realized that I was running really low on funds, so we found a cheap but good place to eat that night. The curry was just okay, the chicken a little dry, so it wasn’t the perfect curry I was looking for. The next morning the boys and I ate an early breakfast and made it for a pranayama class. It was the first time in two months that I had done any meditation or breathing, and it was one of the best experiences I’ve had. We had peanut butter and bread for lunch, and headed straight to Kanto Lampo Waterfall. After that, we went back to the Ubud Art Market, where we did some souvenir shopping for our friends and family. I later learned that it’s much cheaper to go to a store and check out the prices there first before going to the market where people can sell you for a much higher, non-fixed price. Josh and I took a vinyasa class at night with a nice teacher named Bex, who seemed to laugh a lot and then talk about very serious topics at the same time. After a fun class, we had dinner (on a budget again) and I had curry that I was very much unimpressed with.

The next morning we ate another early breakfast and Josh and I made it to a hatha yoga class. I loved the incorporation of the restorative breathing techniques that we used in class. Right after class I had Josh take me to a necklace store so I could buy a prayer bead necklace that I had been eyeing for the past two days. We took a transfer to Jimbaran but first stopped in busy Kuta to get a t-shirt for Josh’s sister at Hard Rock Cafe. I coincidentally remembered that my dad collects Hard Rock pins, so it worked out perfectly. We went to the beach after settling in Jimbaran and walked around. Josh and I had a little photoshoot at the beach and we attempted to do handstands in the sand. We walked around looking for a place to eat and watch the sunset but all the places were ridiculously expensive but delicious-looking. I wasn’t in the mood for seafood so we sat down and ordered drinks at one of the restaurants. I bought us some corn for 10,000 IDR each and we watched the sunset.

I’m happy to say that I ended the night finding the perfect curry. After four tries in a row, I finally found the most delicious curry bowl for a very reasonable price. For 55,000 IDR, I had a big bowl of chicken curry with the perfect thickness and consistency, juicy chicken, and lots of vegetables. I can officially say that I am a self-proclaimed curry connoisseur.

Josh left for Manila at 4:30AM the next morning. We haven’t been dating for very long, but I don’t think we’ve been apart for more than a week at a time. Dating someone who turns out to be your best friend is really a blessing. There’s never a dull moment with us, we can talk and joke and sing about anything, we try new things together, he’s so patient with me, and he never seizes to help me be brave and be the best version of me. Yes, I know, I sound pretty dramatic right now considering I’m going to see him in less than a week, but right now it feels like forever! I’ve never been more thankful for a human before before and right now, I’m just itching to plan our next trip together. Maybe South America for our next one?


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