TRAVEL: Patience, patience, patience (7/19/16)

Me, Alvin, and Josh leaving at LAX.

I’m glad to say that I’ve made it to the motherland safe and sound. These past two days have felt like a long week’s worth of traveling. What was supposed to be an 18-hour flight (including the 2-hour layover) ended up being around 21 hours due to a landing delay. We stopped in Tokyo for about 4-hours, which was great because Alvin and I got to eat free chicken katsu curry courtesy of All Nippon Airlines. We finally got to Manila, soon to realize that Josh was in a completely different airport than us! Frantic, I called him and Alvin and I quickly got a cab to go pick him up. We sifted through crazy Philippine traffic, reunited with Josh, and finally at 1AM got to our Airbnb. 

I’m writing this as I wait for my delayed flight to Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines. We got here about three hours early, ate what I call the Pinoy version of Cheetos, and played psoy dos until we got tired of Alvin winning. And surprisingly, I feel okay waiting. I figured we came all the way here, and there’s no use in fidgeting when I can be seizing the opportunity to test and train my patience.

I definitely already feel more at ease here than I have ever felt. There’s no pressure here for me to thinking about finding a job, how I’m going to make car payments, and no utter feeling that I absolutely NEED to be doing something productive. And for that, I am already so grateful. Now, time to wait for another flight (of many more to come!). 

The view landing for our layover in Tokyo, Japan.

Waiting can definitely be hard while traveling though. Here are some ways to stay sane while waiting through traffic and delayed flights when traveling! 

Practice speaking the basics of the native language of the country you’re in. Josh, Alvin, and I are having fun brushing up on our Tagalog. I don’t know much, but the little I do know has definitely helped us out so far! 

Bring a good book. A couple good books. If you’re traveling with friends, pack some easy-read books that you all are interested in for you to trade off. it makes for really great conversation and insight.

Download new music before you leave for your trip. I always make sure to download at least 5 new albums I’ve been meaning to listen to. It’s great because you’re not distracted while listening, and get to really just sit, relax, and dissect the music. 

Pack a deck of cards. I tried placing a bet where the loser had to buy everyone a bottle of alcohol… And then I lost so I took that back. 

Snacks. Hungry Holly = Grumpy Holly = sucks for everyone.

Make stuff. I make friendship bracelets and I usually like to give them to people that I meet on the way. Some people doodle, crochet, or knit, and those are all great ways to keep busy. 


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