REVIEW: Beyond Wonderland SoCal 2016

Progression. It’s crazy to think that events like Beyond Wonderland or EDC are a product of what once were small underground parties in LA. Upon entering the San Manuel Amphitheater, once again the home of this year’s Beyond Wonderland in Southern California, I immediately noticed a change in scenery and vibe compared to last year’s festival. Insomniac Events never fails to surprise their “headliners” with a brand new experience every time.


The production of the entire weekend took everyone by surprise. Walking through the crowds I heard people saying “This festival is so much different than last year’s Beyond Wonderland!” You can definitely tell a lot of thought and creative effort went into building the new experience. The two main stages, Queen’s Domain and Outer Realm, were both built to perfection. Lights, fire, and even water were all used to put together the stage experience. Cheshire Woods was conveniently located in the middle of all the stages for people to get a little techno and deep-house heavy. And if attendees wanted to get away and get a little funky, the Upside-Down Room and Boombox stages never failed to be a good time with people dancing a little weirder than usual.


The festival stayed true to its “Wonderland” roots, featuring new art installations that made attendees feel like they really did travel beyond Wonderland. Trees were beautifully lit up with colorful lights and lanterns and Wonderland characters roamed the venue. Wherever you were, whether it was at the newly vamped campsite, catching your favorite artist, or hanging at an art installation, you were immersed somewhere far away from home and all worries.


Last but not least, you can always count on Insomniac to host a very diverse lineup, encompassing all aspects of the dance music world. We heard a perfect mix of house, techno, trance, dubstep, drum and bass and almost every fusion of dance music you can think of. Every bass head, every trance-lover, and every house junkie was accounted for and left the festival feeling musically fulfilled. Headlining the festival were big names like Dada LifeCarnageGalantisArmand Van HeldenDeorroYellow ClawSeven LionsAlessoSlanderDatsikDoctor P, (and I’d name more but this article would get really long).

With more big festivals coming up, Beyond Wonderland was definitely a great start to the festival season. To learn more about the festival, visit their website here. To check out more if Insomniac’s events, visit their site here.


IMG_7127-EditAll photos courtesy of Addam Rodriguez


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