REVIEW: BadBadNotGood at The Observatory OC 4/24/16


BadBadNotGood brought their fusion style of music to Santa Ana, CA on April 24, 2016. The night was filled with jazzy licks, soulful sounds, and delicious instrumentals.

Opening for the group was Jerry Paper. The psychedelic solo artist admitted that he didn’t put together a band, and that BadBadNotGood was nice enough to lend their talents as his backing band for the night. Double the BBNG? No one was complaining. Jerry Paper is one of the most entertaining performers in Los Angeles right now. When his body moves, your body wants to move.  He performed all new songs Toon Time Raw!, which is his new concept album about the lives of cartoon characters.

BBNG took the stage again to take us on a journey of jazz, soul, and funk. The three (now four) band members mesh together their instruments so epically. You get sucked in with every layer of jazz chords Matthew Tavares lays down on the keyboard and with every bass lick by Chester Hansen. Alexander Sowinski (drums) introduces their newest member on saxophone, Leland Whitty. Together they fuse together so many musical genres and influences together into their music. With each band member so excellently fluent in their craft, it was so refreshing to see each member take their turn to blow our minds. One highlight of the night was a drum solo by Sowinski, followed by an equally as amazing bass solo by Hansen.

bbng fb post

BBNG, Marvel Alexander, and Jerry Paper at The Observatory OC at the end of the show. Photo courtesy of BadBadNotGood.

You can check out some of BBNG’s music here.

If you missed both of BadBadNotGood’s LA shows and missed their set(s) at Coachella, not to worry. Sowinski told the crowd they’d be releasing new music soon, which means more tour dates in the upcoming future!

Go here to see what the rest of 2016 is looking like for them.


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