INTERVIEW: Tim Martinez on Evening Poison (90s Special) 5/9/16

EP episode 10

I’ve come to learn that our generation of music lovers is extremely nostalgic. We love to look back and remember the songs we grew up with. We remember all the words to all of our favorite songs, no matter how embarrassing it may be. In lieu of Titan Radio’s Music Is So Lame Night #2, this episode of Evening Poison was dedicated to all of my favorite 90s/early 2K jams!

To get a better understanding of the music and era, I spoke with DJ and music enthusiast Tim Martinez, who shared his experience being a DJ in the 90s and how music has changed since then. I asked him why my generation of music lovers is so drawn back to the 90s, and he explained that there’s a sort of warm and real feeling that we get from listening to music made with real instruments, before MIDI became so huge to produce tracks.

I ended this episode with a live Britney Spears cover of her song “Sometimes”, sung and played by yours truly.

Check out the full episode here:


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