INTERVIEW: Royaljag on Evening Poison 4/11/16


Royaljag is that breath of fresh air all indie/alternative lovers have been looking for. Incorporating synth sounds into their soft funk musical repertoire of original music, they represent a blend of all of our favorites. I described them as sounding like “Local Natives meets soul and funk”.

The band agrees that performing live is one of the best parts about being a band. The band headlined at Titan Radio’s very first residency at the Slide Bar in Downtown Fullerton and packed the bar up full of fans and supporters.

Their single “Jungle” has received airplay on KROQ, one of the LA’s most influential radio stations. I asked where they hope to see themselves in one year, and in five years. They all agree that they hope to have more awesome music released and to be touring.

Check out my full interview with Royaljag here:

Ps. Bummed you missed out on Royaljag? That’s okay cuz they’ll be performing at Titan Radio’s semi-annual concert, this year called “RADIO IS SO LAME FEST” held on May 5th from 7-11PM at the Becker Amphitheater. See you there!


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