INTERVIEW: JR Santiago on Evening Poison 4/24

Evening Poison with JR Santiago

John Robert (JR) Santiago is a classical music-loving 14-year-old flute player, who is taking big steps towards his dream of being a professional flutist in the future. He will be attending the L.A. County High School of the Arts (LASCHA) this coming fall, majoring in classical flute.

The fact that JR is a classical music enthusiast separates him from his peers. He is aware that a lot of kids his age don’t gravitate towards classical music, which at times makes him feel as bit of an outcast. JR took these feelings, and turned them into motivation to help get him into his dream high school.

The audition process to get into LASCHA isn’t an easy one. Out of thousands of applications, only a hundred or so get chosen to attend the school every school year. With JR’s diligent practice routine, he nailed his audition and is excited to be continuing his education.

To learn more about JR, you can tune into my full interview with him here:


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