INTERVIEW: Evening Poison Episode IV feat. Aneylia Kane

Aneylia 1

This week’s episode featured an interview and live in-studio performance with the beautiful and warm singer-songwriter, Aneylia Kane. Originally from Arizona, but now based out of Los Angeles, Aneylia is making her way through the city and taking her music on full force. She just released her new single “Drama”, that captures her cinematic-pop essence with hints of her acoustic sound. Aneylia has some big plans for this upcoming year and the years to come. She plans to touch people with her music and hopes to continue inspiring people with her story.

“I want to just let everyone know, or at least the message I wanna bring to people is to just stay true to yourself… Doing whatever makes you happy… That is the major key for life, forreal… Whatever lane that may be, it might not be music. If you wanna be a pediatrician or you know you wanna be working in stocks – if that’s what you wanna do, if that’s what you’re passionate about, do it. And do it 100% and don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do it because you can.”

You can find Aneylia at

Listen to the full interview and in-studio performance here:


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