INTERVIEW: Dirty Dishes on Evening Poison 2/29/16

dirty dishes 2

Indie? Rock? Alternative? Grunge? Synth?

What I think is so cool about this group is how dynamic their music is, and how organically it all comes together. Brooklyn based band, Dirty Dishes, is currently on tour and stopped by Fullerton, CA to play a very intimate set over at the Slide Bar. Before their set, we talked about the New York music scene, what went into making their third record, Guilty, and how they formulated the Dirty Dishes sound.

“It’s so vastly different. We were gonna put out maybe two releases and we didn’t quite know what to do, and then we just decided to put them all together. Cuz that’s how we’ve kind of always operated. We just do whatever we feel like… We weren’t like ‘We HAVE to make a rock album’”, describes Jenny when talking about their newest record.

I think it’s that mentality that they have that makes the band and their sound so “organic.” Their music comes together without the bullshit, with only the intention of letting their creativity take the lead.

To learn more about the band and to listen to the full interview, go here:

Find Dirty Dishes





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