INTERVIEW: Dada Life at Beyond Wonderland SoCal 2016


Headlining at this year’s Beyond Wonderland SoCal is DJ duo Stephan and Olle, better known as Dada Life. What better way to top off the first day than with some champagne, bananas, and happy violence? Dada Life never fails to put on an amazing show.

Before their set, Stephan and Olle took some time to chat with Titan Radio about their music. One thing that makes Dada Life so unique as dance music producers is that they produce every single element of all of their tracks themselves. They spend an incredible amount of time making sure that their music is up to their own standards before they release a track. They admitted to having a good balance in-studio and on tour, but even while they’re on tour, they’re still coming up with new ideas for new tracks.

“[A] lot of the stuff that we come up, like what we come up with, we do on the road and in the car, on the way here, like waiting in line at the airport. It’s like you spend a lot of time and then we just bounce ideas. And like 99% it’s just shit but they’re funny so we laugh…” says Stephan. “And the rest of the one percent is shit too,” Olle jokingly interjected.

The DJs are dedicated to perfecting their sound before they release it to their fans. There are times when they put down a song after it’s not working out for them, but come back to it years later.  Sometimes it works and turns into something great. This was the case for their newest single, “Tic Tic Tic”.

“Tic Tic Tic was sort of like that. It took a long time to make that one cuz we worked a lot on it, in a lot of different stages. First the music, and then the sounds, and then the melody, it took a while…” says Olle.

“Tic Tic Tic” manages to mesh two opposites together, happiness and rage. Over the years, the DJs have been cultivating their music around the idea that these two opposites are one in the same.

“I think that that specific feeling of happiness and rage is something we’ve been like trying to get probably from when we started, but we just haven’t really nailed it yet,” Olle admits. “I would say like [the song] “Happy Violence” is a step towards the right direction. But “Happy Violence”… It wasn’t hard enough,” explains Stephan.

Although their music has evolved over the years, Dada Life has managed to continue making music genuinely for themselves.

“I mean we never thought of our music in terms of styles or genres. So it’s hard to like talk about that.  It’s more like about feelings and when it comes to feeling. And I think that the ‘happy rage’ feeling is like the next step… It’s just right now we’re making music just for ourselves. If we two like it, that’s fine, we don’t care about the rest,” says Olle.

Dada Life ended day one of Beyond Wonderland SoCal with a bang. There were bananas and champagne bottles flying everywhere. They played fan favorites like “Freaks Have More Fun”, “Rolling Stones T-Shirt”, “So High”, and dropped their new track “Tic Tic Tic”.

Ever wonder why the obsession with bananas? Want to know how to become a citizen of Dada Land? You can listen to the full interview here:


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