INTERVIEW: Black Sheep on Evening Poison 4/7/2016

Evening Poison Promo photo Black Sheep 9

Based out of the OC, techno DJ and producers Black Sheep are ones to watch. Josh, Ivan, and David make an incredible creative team, wearing the different “hats” necessary for them to further their career in music. The group finds innovative ways to set themselves apart from the others, incorporating Hispanic influences into their music and incorporating live art into the work they put out.

“I think what we really are trying to do is just be genuine on who we are. Whether that be relating to some tracks that we listened to in the 90s… Like one of the new remixes that we did was Milkshake. It’s a lot of just being related with what we grew up listening to. Most of our music is Latin inspired,” explains David.

The group has been working closely with OC-based event company, Modern Disco Ambassadors, playing amongst a handful of other talented artists this past year. In addition, Black Sheep managed to sign to three labels within the past year, releasing three EPs with more to come in the future.

Go here to learn more about Black Sheep and listen to the full interview:

Check out Black Sheep:


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