REVIEW: The War on Drugs and Bombay Bicycle Club at The Glass House (10/1/15 & 10/4/15)

The Glass House, located in Pomona, CA, is temporary home to many amazing artists who come to perform and make music for a night. The venue always has many great bands and artists of all different genres filling the space with music. The week of September 29th – October 5th welcomed two bands that were especially great as we wrap up the summer season and begin to hear the sounds of fall.

The War on Drugs (10/1/14)
by Holly Santiago

This band is an amazing blend of great vibes and pure sounds. Lead singer, Adam Granduciel, took front stage for the night but never took away from the other band members who joined him on guitar, bass, keyboard, and drums. The indie-rock band created so many different vibes throughout the night. Their music channeled the energy of many mellow head-bobbing music lovers, who appreciated the simple performance and let the single element of sound carry them away. What amazed me the most were the people heavily grooving to the music as if they were at a ‘70s disco club. Living in an era in which a “good show” to a lot of people means strobe lights and hard bass drops, it was refreshing to see a performance that was so simple and intimate. As the band performed “Red Eyes” from their latest album Lost in the Dream, I could see that the song had a different effect on every person there. It was a great example of how music is up to different interpretation from everyone who listens, which is the true element of folk music. This band’s music and raw performance were able to move the minds and bodies in so many different ways.

Bombay Bicycle Club (10/4/14)
by Christine Reyes

It’s been a long-awaited three years since Bombay Bicycle Club released any music. As soon as I arrived at the venue, I could immediately feel the unity and love that the Bombay Bicycle Club fan base shared. This was their fourth show on their US tour with support from openers Luxley and Milo Greene. Fans patiently (yet eagerly) stood as they waited for the Englishmen to take the stage.

The band started the set off perfectly by playing “Overdone” from their newest album, So Long, See You Tomorrow. In addition to playing material from their new record to the crowd, the entire evening was filled with a well balanced mix of tunes from their previous albums: I Had the Blues But I Shook Them Loose (2009), Flaws (2010), and A Different Kind Of Fix (2011). Fans were treated to two encore songs, “What If” and “Carry Me”, where Milo Greene hopped on stage and helped them close up the epic set. It was a stellar evening filled with gnarly visual effects, cute accents and, of course, good tunes to sing along to, cry to, and jam out to. There were multiple moments during the show where I did not see a single phone or camera in sight, and that’s when I knew I was at an amazing show. If ever presented with the opportunity to see Bombay Bicycle Club perform live, I highly suggest you take it.


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