REVIEW: Tchami at The Fonda Theatre 10/3/2015

Tchami at The Fonda Theatre

On October 3, 2015, Tchami performed at The Fonda Theatre in Hollywood, CA. The sold-out show attracted a vast audience of house-music lovers from all over Southern California who were eager to see Tchami perform a set live.

The house was packed, from the balcony to the floor, with a crowd who knew nearly all of Tchami’s songs that night. In the very front, a poster read “I Just Want to Have Some Fun”, quoting the Tchami remix of Aluna George’s song You Know You Like It, with the famous silhouette drawing of Tchami. He began his set with that very song.


Tchami started out the night with heavy bass vibrating throughout the entire venue. He kept the beginning of his set upbeat and loud. He showcased his craft as a DJ by always keeping the crowd on their feet, incorporating the deep drops he’s known for at the perfect times but mixing it up when the crowd least expected it. At one point, a small (friendly) mosh-pit even formed as Tchami threw in some drum-and-bass. People’s faces lit as Tchami dropped his remix of Jack Ü’s song, Take Ü There, featuring Kiesza, and Tchami’s song, Missing You, featuring AC Slater & Kaleem Taylor.

Tchami ended the night with Afterlife, leaving everyone with “spiritual questions” as he closed off his set.

Photo courtesy of Sos Adame



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