REVIEW: SoKo at The Shrine Auditorium (11/15/14)

The beautiful and talented French artist, SoKo, took the stage at The Shrine Auditorium and graced us all with the integrity of her music. Her and her band opened for Foster the People for their last tour stop in Los Angeles.

Listening to SoKo’s album and seeing her perform live is two completely different experiences. I Thought I Was an Alien takes you to another world full of intimacy, vulnerability, and pure raw music. Although she played a lot of music from her album, her performances are completely different. Instead of taking you elsewhere, her and her band draw you in. The way she executes her music draws her audience in to see her closer and hear her clearer.

Brave and confident, SoKo rarely performs with a set-list. This really allowed her to open up to her audience that night and rely on their feelings as well as her own to guide her through her music. One epic moment of the night was her performance of her new song “My Precious” with Christine Owman. The upbeat energy of the song and Soko on keyboards showed her audience the diversity in her music.

SoKo ended the night with everyone’s love, “We Might Be Dead by Tomorrow”. Phones came out to record this beautiful moment and everyone was centered in on this song. With her on guitar and leading the song with her vocals, she ended her set leaving everyone feeling warm. She ended her set by bidding farewell to musician Nik Brinkman, who’s last show on the tour this was. The crowd cheered for him as well and all wished him safe travels back to New Zealand, reminding us how amazing it us to be in the presence of musicians who come from the other side of the world.


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