REVIEW: Sasquatch! Music Festival (5/22/15 – 5/25/15)

Letters spelling out Sasquatch! at a pond by The Gorge entrance.

For any seasoned festivalgoer, he or she will understand that every festival has its own aura – its own feel that cannot be compared to the next. It’s an experience to be captured that varies from person to person, yet unifies different people together to create epic memories.

The Festival’s Aura

The Sasquatch! Music Festival is held every year at The Gorge, in Quincy, Washington during Memorial Day weekend. The venue’s main stage overlooks the Columbia River and its surrounding canyons. The view and environment is absolutely breathtaking. The location brings about a natural sense of belonging and awe that everyone at this festival shares. There’s nothing but good vibes and nearly nothing to complain about when you’re at a festival in such an amazing location.

The Main Stage.

Rain or shine, there was something to be astounded by. The rain poured hard during Ashton BronstonOf Monsters and Men, and Angel Olsen’s set, but attendees wouldn’t budge, as they wanted to see the epic performances of their favorite artists. It kept everyone on their toes, hoping the acts would go on and the night would continue. The weekend had epic moments like during Ashton Bronston’s set, when he threw packs of marijuana to the crowd (which is legal in Washington). Then you had moments of complete awe like during Jose Gonzalez’s set – when the sun would set, the sky would turn shades of pink and orange. Everyone, even the performers, would stop to point it out and take it all in.

Sunset during Jose Gonzalez’s set.

Angel Olsen’s set after nearly being shut down by a windy rainstorm passing through.

The Music

This year’s lineup had a great amount of artists both big and small. Big names like FlumeOdesza (who are Seattle, WA natives), Modest MouseSpoonMadeonSBDRKTRobert Plant & The Sensational Space Shifters, and Kendrick Lamar closed the nights at the festival. Attendees were all mesmerized by the slow, emotional beats of James BlakeLana Del ReySylvan Esso, and José Gonzalez.

My personal favorites included Of Monsters and MenThe Decemberists, and Milky Chance, all who performed at the main stage and showcased their folk-acoustic sounds. Of Monsters and Men got the crowd excited to hear new sounds from their new album, Beneath the Skin, and classics from their first album, My Head is an Animal.The Decemberists showcased sounds from their new album, What a Terrible World, What a Beautiful World, and ended with an epic performance of The Mariner’s Revenge Song (that involved a huge whale appearing on stage and swallowing the band). The German folk-duo, Milky Chance, had the crowd up and dancing to their folk sounds as they played their last stop on their U.S. Tour.

The festival engulfed all genres of music. All hip-hop, indie, folk, alternative, rock, metal, EDM, fans and more would have been satisfied. Check out the full 2015 lineup here:

Milky Chance.

The Camping 

Imagine waking up in a tent way too early every morning to the beating sun, and being forced out of your tent because of the heat. Sounds dreadful right? It’s not really the case when you’re here. You wake up and the first thing you see is the sun lighting up the sky, the canyons, the river, and realize that it isn’t so bad. The camping life is a huge part of this festival. Festivalgoers gather from all over Washington, the Pacific Northwest, and fly in from all around the U.S. to attend this festival. Whether you’re a caravan of 60 college students (which was my case), or a couple friends, or even a single person camping, there’s no doubt you’ll make friends with your neighbors and your neighbors’ neighbors.

Thursday night at Sasquatch!.


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