INTERVIEW: Robin Schulz at The Glass House (9/26/15)

DJ and producer, Robin Schulz, paid The Glass House in Pomona a visit just one day after releasing his new album, Sugar.  So far, his fan response has been nothing short of positive.

“I am very happy about the support and thankful,” said Schulz.

Robin stated that after being released for less than 24-hours, his album was “#1 on iTunes in Germany” and “top 10 entrance in several countries around the world.”

Sugar incorporates all of what many of Schulz’s fan’s would say are their favorite elements. The album features the catchy melodies with artists such as Francesco Yates, Akon, Moby, Disciples, and more.


When asked who his favorite collaboration for this album was, Robin replied that he was “proud to have worked with these exceptional artists… but there is no favorite, everyone on this album has helped to create something special.”

The album has so many great instrumental riffs from instruments like the guitar, saxophone, and ranges from a lot of deep house and tropical house sounds. I asked Schulz if anything changed in his creative process between his last two albums.

“It’s more a feeling. Guitar riffs can be really nice, but I’m not focusing on it. I’ve tried a lot of things in the studio and I believe I found a way to create an album which sound totally fits into my style.”

With such a wide array of produced tracks, Robin Schulz played songs from his previous album (Prayer), his new album, and tracks from fellow tropical and deep house producers. With the venue being so intimate, Schulz was able to really connect with everyone in the crowd and get them to vibe to his tracks like Prayer in CSugarHeadlights, and more. The night was filled with non-stop dancing, singing, and good vibes.


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