REVIEW: Nick Jonas at YouTube Space LA (8/29/14)

On Friday, August 29th, Nick Jonas and his band did a private performance following an interview at YouTube Space LA. Nick was an incredibly huge musical influence on my life as I was growing up. Thanks to What’s TrendingDash Radio, and Third Floor Network, I was given the opportunity to be a part of this event.

imagePhoto: Picture with Nick after helping out at the event.

The set-up at the YouTube studio was small, intimate, and absolutely perfect. There were lights hanging and illuminating the performance area and deep red vintage looking carpets below to give the studio a more comfortable setting. The studio was a great way for Nick to connect with his fans, which I could see they were genuinely appreciative of. I saw the eyes of Nick’s fans light up immediately as him and his band entered the studio.

imagePhoto: Nick’s interview with Shira Lazar from What’s Trending.

What really made this performance special was how absolutely raw the music was performed. Nick was on guitar and vocals, and was accompanied by a keyboard player and two other vocalists. His first song, “Chains”, was performed with a great acoustic sound. The three-part harmonies complimented the aura and story of the song, and really set the mood for the audience. He then performed “Jealous”, which hadn’t been released yet, and was played for us to hear for the very first time. During his interview, Nick shared that two of his musical inspirations were Stevie Wonder and Prince. This was very apparent as Nick and his band performed this song. Nick’s audience was introduced to the new soulful sound he produced with his new album. His new sound gave a really captivating performance, and it was a great way to see how much he has grown throughout his solo career as an artist and performer.

imagePhoto: Secret selfies with Nick during soundcheck.

Working at this event was a great new experience for me. This was my first time working at a music event in Los Angeles, and what made it really special was that it was for an artist that I’ve been a fan of from middle school until now. It took a lot of self-control for me to stay as professional as possible (as oppose to releasing the inner fan-girl in me) as the day began to unfold. At the end of the day, I realized why I decided to pursue a career in the music industry. From checking winners in, listening to sound check, waiting in the green room, and everything in between, I got to see how much work and dedication it takes to make an event like this run as smooth as possible. And in the end, when you see fans’ eyes glistening (and almost tearing) as they watch the performance, and you see them leave with the biggest flushed smile on their face, you know the hard work was worth it.

image Photo: Helping check in winners at YouTube Space LA.

Video of the performance will be up on YouTube the week of September 13.

For more info and another great read on this event you can go to:

And lastly, a big thanks to my friend Roslynn Cobarrubias for having me be a part of this!


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