REVIEW: James Bay at The Grammy Museum (1/15/16)

I almost, ALMOST, didn’t make it to this show. I contemplated selling my ticket for multiple reasons. First, because I didn’t want to drive out to LA. Second, because I was broke after buying my Coachella ticket. And third, because I’ve already seen James Bay live twice. But I decided to use my brain and think logically… James Bay is nominated for THREE Grammys this year. Our small-time singer-songwriter from the UK isn’t so small anymore. Never again will I be able to see him perform for just $15 so close to my home.

It was beyond worth it. I got to sit and listen to him talk about his musical influences, his passions, his story, and his musical process for almost an hour. He explained the story behind his hit song “Hold Back the River” and how it’s about trying to stay close to the ones you love while simultaneously trying to give your career your all. He explained how the title “Chaos and the Calm” came from a conversation he had one time (but he doesn’t remember who). He told us that 99% of the time, the guitar comes first, and then the lyrics when he writes songs. After, he performed an acoustic set for a crowd of about 100 people or so. My heart literally melted and I’m not too sure where to find it anymore.


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