REVIEW: Gareth Emery at The Palladium (11/22/14)

For the first time in the US, Gareth Emery played alegendary DJ and live five-hour set. He ended his Drive: An American Road Trip tour at The Palladium in Los Angeles, CA and brought something really special to the world that night. It was the end of his tour, but the beginning of his new broadcast and podcast called “Electric For Life”, so he made sure it started and ended with a bang.

Fans were lined up and wrapped around the Palladium before 9PM, where they awaited their chance to finally see Gareth’s set. Gareth started out his set backstage at 9PM, to warm himself and the crowd up. You could tell that everyone inside the venue could hardly wait, and everyone outside the venue became more anxious as they could hear the bass grow louder. By 10PM he took the stage and started things off with chill trance, transitioning through house and dance music, and finally playing the great trance sounds Gareth Emery is associated with. There were so many amazing moments of the night and so many genuine moments to remember.

Gareth transitioned Layers by Eric Prydz into Gareth’s song Entrada, which is the first song in his Drive album. After using this song to introduce the crowd to his newest album, he later played featuring Bo Bruce, which got the crowd pumped more to listen to more sounds from Gareth. He later reminded us of his collaboration with Above & Beyond for their remix of On a Good Day.

Roxanne Emery was his first guest performer. She took the stage to sing Soldier from his new album. The chords of the melody captivated everyone in the room as she sang and ended her time on stage with On Fire by Luke Bond.

The biggest moment of the night was Christina Novelli’s performance of Concrete Angel. The LED lights turned off, and it was just the spotlight directed where Christina Novelli started singing. There was smoke and everyone shifted to the side of the stage she was on. Everyone knew every lyric, and sometimes Christina would purposefully leave a few words out, knowing that everyone in the room would keep singing anyways. After being a guest DJ for a couple songs, Christina concluded her time on stage by singing Dash Berlin’s Jar of Hearts with all the power and emotion she had.

Photo: Gareth Emery and guest performer Christina Novelli

Photo: Christina Novelli singing Jar of Hearts

The acoustic live performances during Gareth’s set were definitely moments to remember. Gareth Emery ended the last hour of his night with a lot of his own remixes of his tracks like Fight the SunriseSanctuary, and Into the Light. His last hour was filled with real hard-hitting trance, taking all of us back to his roots. He dropped Tiesto’s Flight 643, and brought people back to some real EDM roots. Everyone was taken to the familiar trance sounds that Gareth Emery is famous for, and he left everyone at The Palladium with their bodies still beating to the music.


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