REVIEW: Ben Howard w/ Daughter at The Greek Theatre (10/7/15)

On October 7, 2015, The Greek Theatre in Los Angeles, CA, was filled with the soothing sounds of indie-rock band, Daughter, following a headline performance by singer-songwriter, Ben Howard.

There’s no denying that everyone there that night fell in love with Daughter’s front-woman, Elana Tonra (if they weren’t already in love with her before that). Elana was very quiet in between songs, but saved all of the emotion while performing. There was something very shy and “awkward”, the band admitted about themselves, that had the crowd touched by how humble they were. The UK based band played songs from their latest album, If You Leave, including their songs Human and Youth.
Ben Howard performed with a full band that night. Switching back and forth from electric to acoustic guitar, the indie artist captivated everyone with just the instrumentals alone. He would take the time to sit with his guitar, very intimately, to play for the full house of people. It just goes to show how far the “small things” can take someone. The venue would get quiet as people intently listened to every lyric he sang, and the silence would be broken as you would hear eager fans cheering Ben’s name loudly. It was Ben’s lyrics that really captured the audience that night, from his more upbeat performance of Keep Your Head Up, to slowing it down with All Is Now Harmed, until the end for Ben Howard’s final encore.


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