REVIEW: Beating Lights Relaunch Party (1/30/16)

Beating Lights, founded by Shabnam Ferdowsi, has officially “relaunched” and celebrated at Space 15 Twenty in Hollywood on January 30, 2016. There was delicious vegan food, free beer (for those who were 21+), great art showcased, and amazing live performances by local bands. Coyote, who although have only been playing shows together for a year now, won the audience over with their amazing chemistry and alternative sound. Up after that was Titan Radio favorite, Kid Cadaver, who had everyone singing along with them to their infectiously upbeat tunes as they put on a great show.


Coyote. Photo courtesy of Rebecca Aranda

What really tied together the event was the integrity of it all. There was purpose to this event to spread the “good vibes only” and to really create a community of music lovers and makers in Los Angeles. Founder Shab thanked everyone who attended, and let everyone know that this is just the beginning. More great shows and events are comming soon. Don’t miss out, and keep up with Beating Lights here.


Kid Cadaver. Photo courtesy of Rebecca Aranda


Beating Lights Relaunch Party official flyer.


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