INTERVIEW: Sam Feldt at The El Rey Theatre (9/11/15)

On September 11, 2015, Sam Feldt blessed Los Angeles with some great vibes, crazy good beats, and amazing saxophone riffs. The Dutch DJ was here for the sixth stop of his Show Me Love tour, after already passing through parts of Canada, New York, and San Francisco. Six months ago, Titan Radio interviewed Sam Feldt when he opened up for Thomas Jack at this exact venue. Six months later we got to catch up with the artist as he headlines his own tour.Sam recently played at some big festivals including Mad Decent Block Party in Calgary, AB and Electric Zoo. The fan response during his tour so far has been great.

“[A]t Electric Zoo, when I started playing, the whole crowd drew to the stage and left when I was finished, which just means so much… It’s a good example of people wanting to see your music and really being there for your music instead just being there to party… They’re really coming to see your set, which is great. I was pleasantly surprised.”

In the midst of touring and playing shows in various countries, Sam has been consistently releasing tracks including Show Me Love, Midnight Hearts, Drive You Home, and remixes of songs by Showtek, Avicii, Icona Pop, and more. The DJ stated that he tries to get in as much productive studio time as possible. And while on tour, Sam doesn’t hold anything back in terms of finding inspiration for new tracks.

“Yeah, inspiration is a funny thing, it comes and goes whenever it feels like coming… I get inspiration all the time, so sometimes I just get out my phone and I start humming a melody or just start writing down lyrics or whatever pops up.”

This past year, Sam has released numerous collaborations with other talented producers, including The Him. His latest collaboration is with 14-year-old singer, Jasmine Thompson, who has worked with producers Felix Jaehn and Robin Shulz.  Their track was recently premiered in a mix tape and has received positive responses thus far.

When asked where Sam hopes to see his music career in one year, he said, “It’s hard for me to say, because one year ago I wouldn’t of thought to be here… So it’s only dreaming, it’s only guessing. And if I can dream, of course I hope to be doing this and maybe even bigger, like playing bigger shows… Introducing more people to my music and my kind of music… I just love to DJ and love to produce, and I just hope to keep doing this for as long as possible.”

Sam Feldt with saxophonist Justin Ward, photo courtesy of Sam Feldt.

Sam Feldt played an amazing set with support from The Donnies The Amys who opened up the show and joined Sam for their collaborated song Drive You Home, which was released two weeks ago. Also blessing the stage was the talented saxophonist, Justin Ward, who killed it with great saxophone riffs to Show Me Love, Guitar Track, and more throughout the night. Sam really showed his fans some love, playing his own tracks, getting the crowd to groove with him to tropical sounds, and ending the night with some deep house tracks.


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