INTERVIEW: Sam Feldt at the El Rey (1/30/15)

Upcoming DJ, Sam Feldt, flew in from Amsterdam last week tobegin his first tour here in the U.S. He is joining fellow tropical house DJ,Thomas Jack, on his On & Off Tour, and started in Los Angeles. Check out myinterview with Sam, as we talk about his U.S. experience so far, his music, and his upcoming projects this year!

Sam killed it during his one-hour set at the El Rey Theater. Mixing in genres of hip-hop, R&B, folk, tropical-house, and so much more into his set, the audience was really able to experience the quality and emotion of his music. He began with his newest track, Show Me Love, which set the mood and pumped up the entire crowd. His energy throughout his set really got the crowd up and dancing, whether they were already fans or hearing his music for the first time that night. The audience energy was at an all-time peak when Sam spun his own tracks like Guitar TrackOf Trees and Birds and FireHot Skin, and Bloesem, which he integrated so smoothly during his set. Sam Feldt has an extremely bright future ahead of him in the industry, and is definitely one to look out for this year!

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What is it like for you to finally be able to meet your fans here?

It’s amazing. To be honest, I’ve never been to the US before even as a tourist, so it was a whole new experience for me going here, coming here and seeing the US, not only in movies but in real life. It’s been amazing so far. Just played one show in San Francisco, it was really good. A lot of people really dig my music. I’m hoping today will be just as good or even better and I really hope so for the rest of the tour as well.

What city are you most excited to be visiting on your tour? 

I actually am most excited about LA, not because we are in LA, but because I know a lot of people here. I’m playing with some friends, with Tom, I know Myles is going to be here as well. I know a lot of good DJs that are from here that are going to be here tonight and some friends that I know only from Facebook, so I get to see them in real life as well tonight.

This is your first stop with Thomas Jack, are you excited?

Absolutely. I heard it’s sold out, like completely, like even more than sold out so it’s going to be awesome for sure.

What did you do to prep yourself to come here?

I didn’t know what to expect of the US market, so I considered my show in San Francisco as a bit of a pilot to see what the USA audience is into. But they responded really well to my set and really well to my own tracks. I played, maybe, 70-80% of my own tracks yesterday, and I’m going to do that as well today. People are gonna come here to see me and to check out my tracks, so I might as well play some of my stuff, some new stuff as well.

You integrate a bunch of different genres of music. What genre would you classify your music as other than tropical house?

I think it’s pretty hard, you know, some people call it “deep-house” but it’s not really the deep-house that people know that’s been out there for so long. I think it’s really hard to classify it into a genre because I make music ranging from 100 BPM to 128. I think the most important thing is that it always has my key ingredients, which I think is: happiness, the summer feel/vibe, emotion, stuff like that. I think you cannot really say this is “deep house” or this is “tropical house”, I make lots of tracks that aren’t tropical house at all.

I look forward to downloading your mixes all the time and I am never disappointed. Where do you pull your inspiration from?

Well for the mixes, mostly SoundCloud. I just spend hours and hours and hours every month just looking at profiles, looking at related songs, looking at blogs and stuff like that. Pretty much for the mix-tapes, just that and my personal taste. I choose what I like and I make a mix-tape out of these tracks. For every mix I have like 60 tracks of that month that I really like and then I try to mix maybe 15-20 of them in a one-hour mix. And for my tracks, it’s hard to say where you get your inspiration from. I’m going to say everywhere. I listen to all types of music. I listen to the radio, top-40, hip-hop, folk, so it’s coming from everywhere and I try to blend all that stuff in.

Do your quotes in the beginning of your mix-tapes find you, or do you have to go searching for them? Sometimes they find me and sometimes I find them. Sometimes I’m just looking at a great movie or something, and I think, “Hey, that’s a good one”. For my last official Sam Feldt mix-tape, [which] came out right before Christmas, I wanted to do something with that. Sometimes they find me and sometimes I find the quotes and I really go looking for them.

You got your fans excited this past year with some tracks and remixes like Bloesemand Bright Lights and so much more, can you tell us about your newest track, Show Me Love?

It’s coming out on Spinnin’ Records on the 16th of February. It’s going to be straight off Valentines Day, so we’re going to do a big campaign behind it where people can send their personalized Valentines Day e-cards/message based on my video clip of Show Me Love. It’s going to be really good and the directions and responses so far have been amazing from DJs and blogs as well. I’m really excited for the release and I hope it’s going to be a like a Beatport or maybe even a mainstream top-hit.

You integrate a lot of beautiful instrumentals into your mixes, and you use the saxophone a lot. What other instruments do you like to use?

I did the flute with Blossom, or “Bloesem” in Dutch. I don’t really want to restrict myself to specific instruments. I just want to implement what fits with the track and [what] really takes it to the next level. Sometimes I just have the whole track finished, and I think that it’s missing something to really make it a unique track and I try to blend that in. So sometimes it’s a saxophone, sometimes it’s a trumpet, sometimes it’s a flute… Maybe next time I’m going to use a harp, who knows!

What is the weirdest sound you would say that you’ve integrated into your music?

I don’t know what sound is in my remix of I Am Oak. There’s this strange “wee hoo” on the breaks. I found it in the sample pack, and when I first heard it I thought, “Well this is not going to work in any track, it’s just ugly”, but then I just pitched it a bit. [It’s] just a matter of trying things that you normally wouldn’t try and making them work in a track, that’s what makes it unique I guess.

You’re starting 2015 on tour here in the US, what else can we expect from you this year?

Like you just told the camera, Show Me Love on February 16th on Spinnin’ [Records]. I have a new release coming out every six weeks for the coming months until summer. I’ve got quite some good releases planned and I really hope that you guys will enjoy that as well. And I’m just going to go and continue with the mix-tapes every month, maybe even twice a month, for the coming months. There’s a lot lined up: mix-tapes, tracks, really good shows, gonna be touring Europe as well once I come back from the US. Really excited for all that’s coming up.


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