INTERVIEW: Roslynn C. on Your Morning Poison (10/1)

You can listen to this episode of Your Morning Poison here:

And here’s another great read on this episode from Third Floor Network:

This segment of Your Morning Poison with Roslynn C. was probably my favorite show that I’ve done so far. She was kind enough to come back to Titan Radio and do an interview with me about her career in the music industry. We discussed the steps she took to keep working with what she’s passionate about, and how we can apply that to our every day lives.

I remember the night before – I was nervous and wasn’t sure what to expect  from doing my first interview! Besides the nerves, it turned out to be great. Roslynn is very easy to talk to and was open to any questions I asked her.

I remember how I felt after my show – It was my first time ever having someone else in the studio with me sharing the mic and sharing their thoughts and opinions. It was refreshing and rewarding to know that I have the ability to express such positive influential ideas to my audience.

All it took was a little courage. The results are always amazing when the intentions you have aren’t just for yourself, but to help other people as well.image


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