INTERVIEW: PHOX at The Roxy Theatre (4/15/15)

Indie-folk band, PHOX, has left their hometown of Baraboo, Wisconsin. One of their many stops included the city of Los Angeles, where they played at The Roxy Theatre on Sunset Boulevard. Before their show, Monica Martin (lead singer) and Matteo Holmen (keys) joined Titan Radio for an exclusive interview. The PHOX band members gave us the inside scoop on their musical endeavors and tour experience so far.

Photo courtesy of Partisan Records

 Coming from a small town, it was merely fate that the band would eventually find each other and form to make music.

“We all went to school together. We didn’t all know each other in school, but we (Monica and Matteo) had a class together where we just made fart noises [and] had a fake band called Popcorn Fetus, but we honestly never hung out outside of class.”

While trying to explain how the band formed, Monica concluded, “I try to figure out the good answer, but just coming from a small town you all have these tons and tons of micro encounters with people.”

There’s no doubt that the band has some real chemistry and history behind them. Although they’ve only collectively started making music for three years, they have an incredible amount of on-stage and musical chemistry.

PHOX has a very distinct sound that blends indie with folk and instrumentals. It’s then all topped off with Monica’s beautiful and soulful voice.

“It’s a lot of just everyone inserting their influences simultaneously… So I think you just get a combination of a lot of different elements. None of it was conscious… It’s not like we’re trying to make it sound, or make it fit into a genre or a soundscape, it’s very much like capturing whatever happened”, Matteo described.

One of PHOX’s first tour stops was the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. This is their first of many huge festivals on their tour. They opened up the Outdoor Stage on Saturday, and their experience was a little hectic, yet humorous and enjoyable for them.

“We had an entire guitar just disappear. We didn’t have a guitar for a song. We didn’t have drums for a song. A lot of things went wrong but it was still fun,” explained Matteo.

PHOX at Coachella 2015

 The band will be visiting California, Arizona, Texas, Missouri, North Dakota, Montana, Washington, Portland, Vancouver, and so many more places before ending at their home state of Wisconsin. Huge festivals they will be making appearances at include the Coachella Valley Music Festival, Sasquatch! Music Festival, Bonaroo Music Festival, and the Firefly Music Festival. For the spring and summer seasons, the band will continue to tour, and continue to find inspiration for new music.

Listen to the interview on Titan Radio’s Afternoon Poison here:


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