INTERVIEW: ARTY at Beyond Wonderland SoCal (3/21/15)

Highly acclaimed DJ, Arty, graced Southern California withhis presence at the Beyond Wonderland music festival on March 21st. Fans eagerly waited for the headliner to take the stage that Saturday night, and he far exceeded expectations. There were so many feelings emitted through his music during his one-hour set. The crowd was able to sing along and dance to his music, especially when he dropped his OneRepublic remix of I Lived. The crowd was carried away through the ups and downs of his set that were so flawlessly executed and definitely made his set one of the best of the weekend.

Arty took a few minutes after his performance to do a post-set interview with Titan Radio – and the insights he gave us were incredible. Despite his young age, Arty has achieved so much in this industry and isn’t going to be slowing down any time soon. Arty gave us an inside look into his experiences working with other big names and labels in the EDM scene. He shared some background about music in his life and his process of producing tracks. And lastly, he gave us an exclusive sneak peak of what his new in-progress studio album is going to sound like. With gratitude, an insane work ethic, and his flawless talent, Arty definitely has some great endeavors coming up for us to watch out for in the near future.


 Holly: How’s the adrenaline going right now? You just finished our set.

ARTY: I just finished my set and I feel very tired, but I feel very blessed.

Holly: You’re fairly young still, but you’ve achieved a lot of success so far. I want to know how you think the EDM scene has changed since your career first began.

ARTY: Well when I started to produce my music it was a little bit slow. But it went to the point, especially in 2014, everything was changing so fast. The styles – you had trance before, you had big roomyou had garish music and deep house. And everything is mashed into each other and now we have so many styles and so many producers that make such great tracks. It’s pretty insane; everything is changing really, really fast. It’s like if you’re not able to keep your eye on what’s happening in the market, that’s going to be the big problem for you. But at the same time it’s a really, really exciting time for producers to do something really different compared to everyone else.

Holly: So it’s a lot of adjustment?

ARTY: Big time, big time. Even bigger than just adjustment. Do something new and be really creative, and actually adjust yourself to the tempo of what electronic dance music has right now. Because it’s changing every month. You have old and new styles literally every month and it’s insane to keep your eye on every style.

Holly: You’ve worked and produced with an impressive amount of different artists and labels all who are huge in this industry – in what kind of ways has this helped your career grow?

ARTY: Every label that I’ve worked with I’ve had a good time. When you go to the label, it’s not just up to the label what kind of music you release. You need to understand yourself. What label are you going to? What kind of music they’re releasing to and for what kind of people? They actually listen to music and that’s where it comes from to understand what kind of music you’re doing. You still need to be really honest to yourself. And that’s the crucial point when you’re really, really honest to yourself and you’re doing the stuff that you like. And you’re doing the stuff that probably people are going to like, it doesn’t really matter what kind of label you have behind, as long as it fits with the sound it’s still fine. Because I remember myself in 2011 when I released Around the World with Anjuna beats – that was completely out of the field track. It was nothing to do with trance music, nothing to do with progressive music; it was like [a] completely different sound. And Swedish House Mafia picked it up for their tour and other guys picked it up as well so it was a big track for Anjuna Beats and for myself. So you just don’t need to hesitate yourself to try and do something new and that’s the most amazing part about making the music – trying to create something new

Holly: You’ve had a lot of great collabs with artists such as Mat Zo, Paul Van Dyk, Armin Van Buren, just to name a few…

ARTY: Yeah that’s pretty crazy because when I’m thinking about that – we actually made the tracks together and that’s pretty sick. Because they were my inspirations back in the day.

Holly: So that must have been huge for you in your career as well.

ARTY: Yeah the thing is when you’re thinking about that – these guys are huge and sick. They’re doing a great job, and you’re making the track and it’s like  “I want to do this and this”. And you still keep your artist point in the same position when you’re not gonna go to that place or to that place, because it’s just like producing things – nothing to do with the actual legends. It was a good time, we had a lot of fun working with Armin because I remember the time I made the track in 2010 and I showed this idea in 2012 towards 2013 to Armin and he was like “we should make your track”. And I sent all the parts to Armin and he did his job, and in the end we had a track, which was completely out of the timing, but it was still a good track for our followers.

Holly: Is there any artist that you hope to collaborate with in the future?

ARTY: Well we have a track with Axwell that we still never finished. We have tons of versions, like probably 15 or something. We’ve been working with Porter Robinson on a track together as well which didn’t work out because we came to a point when he was about to release his album and I was working on my album. And timing wise it didn’t work out, but Porter Robinson is a super talented guy that I would work with in the future.

Holly: I love the chord progressions in all of your songs and I was wondering what the process is like for you when you’re recording your tracks.

ARTY: Here (points to head), everything is here; everything is in [my] head. The most productive time I have is in the shower. I go to shower, washing my body, but it ends up in the next 40 minutes I have two or three sick ideas for my next tracks. That’s the thing, all the tracks that I made before it doesn’t matter if it’s remixes or original tracks, everything comes from ideas from here (points to head). I always do the progressions, the chord progressions I had before it’s like, I have it in mind and that’s how it works. I know how to play piano but I never play piano to get the idea. Because it just happened before in my head.


 Holly: So did you have classical training in your background?

ARTY: Yeah, classical training for 7 years. I actually have a degree and stuff like that it’s pretty sick. Not that many people know about that but that was the crucial point for myself – when you can actually understand that you can push yourself to the boundaries where you’ve never been before. It’s like can you imagine a 14 year old kid that needs to learn the huge composition, which is almost 20 minutes, that’s pretty sick. It’s like you’ve never had something like that before and the parents didn’t tell you that you needed to do that or your friends didn’t tell you that you needed to do that but you have a teacher who tells you [that] you need to pressure yourself to achieve ‘this and this’ goals. And I think this is pretty crucial for your personality when you have the people like that around you, even when you’re fourteen years old when you don’t understand what’s happening in the world, when you don’t understand politics, when you don’t understand a lot of things that has happened around you. You do understand that you need to push yourself and I think that’s a crucial point. Where I stepped up as a producer as well. I didn’t know it before, but it happened with me when I was working my first EP, the official one for the label, I sent the track [and] they told me that they wanted to sign it but they need two more. And I was pushing myself to make two more tracks for them, and the same way how the first track would sound like, so I was challenged.

Holly: You have Night Like This and then you also have your OneRepublic remix of I Lived that you played earlier today – those are two songs produced by you and they have such different elements to it but they’re still yours. So I’m wondering what kind of inspiration you had to create them?

ARTY: Well I would say the remix that I did for OneRepublic, that’s the sound that I’m chasing for especially for my album, because I did a lot of versions for every track that rolled with the songwriters and singers in the studio. And I would say right now that I have at least two versions of my album, maybe three, and now it goes to the point when I have two to three versions of every single that I have on my album. So I really forced myself to find the sound that I’m happy with and the sound that I would give to the people, and they would feel something special about it – and that was the OneRepublic remix. That was one of the first tracks that showed me the actual way where I can go to with my sound. It’s all about the plugs, it’s all about the harmonies. It sounds fresh and it sounds really sweet but at the same time you can dance to it.

Holly: Is that little hint of what we can get from your album?

ARTY: The OneRepublic remix is a huge hint to my album, what I’m gonna have on that. It’s not the same, every track is not the same but it’s definitely the huge hint in terms of the harmonies and melodies and sweet sounds and stuff like that


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